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Satisfied serviced, advanced technology, reliable honor, top-ranking quality, competitive price, updating product, all these make DPS the best data processing software in China. Since 1988, we never stop improving and updating. And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail ( For example, if you think it is necessary to add a new feature, which is imperative and widely used in a specific area, into our product, you could contact us via e-mail with reference materials attached. We will more than happy to consider your suggestion.

  • DPS Standard v9.50 only works on Windows 2000/xp/vista 32bit, while DPS v14.50 Professional) is suitable for any Windows operating system. So if you are using a 64bit Windows operating system, a higher version (DPS v14.50 Professional) will be needed.
  • To order DPS software packages, please contact us @ via email or @ (+86)18657157751 via telephone for details.