DPS Professional v14.50

DPS Data Processing System is a comprehensive but simple-to-use software oriented to experimental design, statistic analysis and data mining. Our product, with self-owned intellectual property right, is functionally comparable to mark-leading products and moderated in price. Additionally, many of the functions are specific to entomological and other biological research and are not found in standard statistical software.


Applications and Markets

Since 1997, when DPS v1.0 was developed, it have being spread and applied into various areas of social sciences and natural science. According to China National Knowledge Infrastructure (access from cnki.net), DPS has been cited more than 18000 times during 1998 and 2010. During recent two years, it has been cited 4000+ times for each year, which means everyday there are about 10 papers using DPS are published. In the mean time, more than 300 papers cited DPS can be found in SCI.

The figure demonstrates the top 10 cited data processing and statistic analysis tools in China during 1-1-2008 to 31-12-2012. According to the figure, it shows that DPS is comparable to mark-leading products such as Matlab and SAS.