DPS Data Processing System v14.50

DPS Data Processing System is a comprehensive but simple-to-use software oriented to experimental design, statistic analysis and data mining. Our product, with self-owned intellectual property right, is functionally comparable to mark-leading products and moderated in price. Additionally, many of the functions are specific to entomological and other biological research and are not found in standard statistical software.


Update Log

2014.9.15 New feature: Restricted maximum likelihood estimate (REML) is added for experimental statistics analysis of lattice design.

2014.08.05 New feature: Panel data and spatial panel data statistical analysis and modeling

2014.04.22 New feature: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2014.04.05 Update the graphic UI for unary linear regression which makes operation much more convenience.

2014.03.28 New feature: Regression analysis of repetitive measurement

2014.03.15 Improved user interface for stepwise regression analysis