DPS Data Processing System v14.50

DPS Data Processing System is a comprehensive but simple-to-use software oriented to experimental design, statistic analysis and data mining. Our product, with self-owned intellectual property right, is functionally comparable to mark-leading products and moderated in price. Additionally, many of the functions are specific to entomological and other biological research and are not found in standard statistical software.


Update Log



  1. New file type ‘*.dps’ has been added which made the data 100% suit for DPS.
  2. Some features in data envelopment analysis such as relaxation measure model has been added.
  3. Iterated principal factor, maximum likelihood, unweighted least squares and generalized least squares has been added into factor analysis.
  4. Special edition (DPS of precautionary analysis for agricultural disaster) has been developed for scientist and research in related area.
  5. 数据挖掘领域中动态聚类分析技术获重大突破。
  6. Malmquist index analysis which widely used in economic has been added.
  7. Add C2R and BC2 model into data envelopment analysis
  8. New feature: Stochastic Frontier Model
  9. Improved the storage method for fuzzy mathematical analysis
  10. Quasi-Newton method (BFGS), Conjugate-Gradient method and Powell method have been added into non-linear regression analysis.
  11. Improved UI for projection pursuit analysis.
  12. New feature: Robust regression (M-estimate)



  1. New feature: Locally weighted scatter plot smoothing (LOWESS)
  2. Run test for data series has been added.
  3. Improved the UI for projection pursuit analysis.
  4. Support real-time English/Chinese conversion in DPS
  5. Plotting for Regional test ANNI analysis has been added into DPS
  6. Improved the UI for dominance analysis
  7. Improved the UI for multi-factor analysis of variance
  8. New feature: Calculating triangular fuzzy number
  9. Sorting method for non-metric multidimensional scaling has been added.


  1. Improved quadratic orthogonal rotation design and quadratic general rotary unitized design.
  2. Released DPS v7.05
  3. New featured: Network model for Radial Basis Function
  4. New feature: Prediction model for Optimal Climate Normal.
  5. New feature: Wavelet analysis in time series analysis.
  6. Add the support for file format in SPSS (.SAV)
  7. New feature: Input-output analysis (in Operations analysis)
  8. New feature: plotting function for population pyramid.
  9. 独家推出可以处理含有定性变量的逐步回归分析技术。
  10. New feature: Receiver operating characteristic
  11. Rewrite and improved general linear modeling (GLM).
  12. A friendly and new spreadsheet has been applied.


  1. Improved the functions in split plot experiment statistical analysis.
  2. Some features in animal population genetic statistics have been added.
  3. Improved Biological spatial distribution model of frequency test method by using Monte Carlo sampling.
  4. New feature: Parameter estimation for Mixture of binomial distribution.
  5. Provide a variety of options of random number generator. Additionally, user could mix them up for analysis.
  6. New feature: pursuit analysis
  7. New function:  quintile regression.
  8. New feature: Zero truncated frequency measurement
  9. Enabled box plotting in DPS
  10. Improved the functions in directional data analysis.


  1. Improved the functions in Geostatistical Analysis.
  2. New features: Mixture uniform design.
  3. Fixed a bug when calculating the max and min value in partial least squares regression.
  4. New feature: trend surface analysis.
  5. New feature: partial least-squares regression analysis
  6. New feature: ridge regression analysis
  7. New feature: Principle component analysis (PCA)
  8. Improved the testing and modeling for uniform design.
  9. Added new functions for estimation of sample size